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One of the largest primary care practices in the northern suburbs of Chicago was under major pressure and unreasonable time restrictions.  Unforeseen circumstances arose, forcing the practice to relocate to a new facility and have it up and running under an extremely tight budget and time constraints.  Vandon Forbes was able to deliver. Our clients’ needs were met on time and within budget.

Investment Company:

A private investment group retained Vandon Forbes to structure and negotiate a successfully executed 70,000 square foot transaction.

One of Chicago’s oldest scrap metal companies:

The company’s corporate headquarters had a devastating fire which forced the company to relocate its business. Vandon Forbes was able to insure a smooth transition into a new facility.

International Shipping:

An International shipping company was trying to get out of their lease. They were located in what was once a suitable building, but due to unfortunate circumstances the building fell into bankruptcy.  The building was no longer suitable for our clients needs.  Vandon Forbes was able to negotiate the tenant out of their existing lease, and relocated the client into a more befitting building.

E-commerce at its best:

One of the fastest growing e-commerce companies hired Vandon Forbes to assist in the acquisition of new office space. The complexity of the deal was enormous, but Vandon Forbes was able meet and exceed all of the clients demanding expectations.  

One of Chicago largest T-shirt printing companies hired the services of Vandon Forbes, to locate and negotiate a new larger and more modern facility for their company.

Health Club:

With their current location being converted to a hotel, Vandon Forbes successfully located, negotiated and relocated the client to their new facility in record time.

National Food Chain: 

When we met with this pizza food chain they planned on rolling out a new business model which would compete with a specific competitor. Our client needed something very unique and specific to get the plan off the ground. Needless to say Vandon Forbes was able to deliver.


Vandon Forbes represents one of the worlds largest non for profit organization with more than 3,000 locations across the globe. The local branch needed to expand into an adjacent space. They were faced with a dilemma; the space was already occupied by an unaffiliated tenant. Vandon Forbes realized the occupant was underutilizing the space. Vandon Forbes was able to show the tenant how the space was being misused and actually causing them unnecessary expenses. Vandon Forbes worked out a relocation for this occupant to a completely different building better suited for their needs. Our non for profit client was able to expand successfully.
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