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From numerous experiences, we have learned that business owners never consider retaining brokerage services to negotiate lease renewals. When a lease expires and the landlord reaches out to the tenant in an effort for a lease renewal, the tenant may be vulnerable without proper brokerage services.

 When tenants are contemplating a renewal they may not realize that they have been occupying the space for so long and may be unaware of important matters, such as:  

  1. Current market rental rates in comparable buildings in the area.
  2. Is the tenant entitled to a lower rent to fit the market?
  3. Is the tenant entitled to receive money from the landlord for the remodeling of the space in conjunction with renewal?
  In situations like this, tenants run the risk of making costly decisions, unless properly   represented by a professional broker who knows all the intricacies of any specific market.

At Vandon Forbes we provide this unique service by representing tenants in a lease renewal with the landlord. Whether you want to remain in the same space, or move to a new space, clients should have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they will receive the best terms possible for their chosen option.

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