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Vandon Forbes maintains a large network of professional real estate project managers in Chicago. Our geographical coverage-combined with our optimized service delivery process-enables us, to plan and execute a full array of project management services for both users and investors alike.

We partner with our clients by implementing cost-efficient models and introducing industry leading processes designed to optimize project management activities. Regardless of size, industry sector or geographic dispersion, our project management professionals consistently deliver cost savings and value.

A significant advantage of Vandon Forbes is the ability to blend multiple disciplines and experience profiles to bring substantial benefit to the project. In conjunction with our unique experience, is our ability to closely coordinate our teams together with the client to ensure a team environment.

The group focuses on developing and executing solutions that yield the lowest possible occupancy costs.  This is accomplished through established processes; seamless integration of service providers; and the preservation of a competitive cost environment.  The end result is a fully scrutinized and documented solution with quantitative and qualitative benefits.

The Vandon Forbes Project Management professionals are facility and building experts.  Armed with in-depth knowledge and experience, Vandon Forbes building and infrastructure forensic investigations yield negotiation points that are leveraged during the negotiation stages of a real estate transaction.

Vandon Forbes works with the most qualified professionals available in any specific area in the industry.  Our Project Management practice only works with seasoned professionals that are well versed in the fields of architecture, construction, development, engineering, accounting and property management, and other building services.

Project management Services Include
• Strategic Facility Planning
• Project & Cost Management
• Development Management Services
    • Project Types
      • Consolidation
    • New Tenant Build outs
      • Relocation
      • Renewals
      • Remodels or Reconfigure


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