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With experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, Vandon Forbes carefully evaluates alternatives and customized solutions for our clients. Our rich and successful track record of maximizing value during challenging conditions has benefited a broad array of clients. In a challenging economic time, a comprehensive strategic approach is needed. Vandon Forbes maximizes value for clients by using multi-disciplinary teams of local market experts supported by other resources as well.

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. Our advanced databases of expertise and state-of-the-art technology help us complete reliable valuations with prompt turnaround.

Our teams on the ground know their markets thoroughly, allowing us to capitalize on changing market conditions. Our experience with local markets and entrepreneurial culture fosters a comprehensive and innovative approach to positioning and re-positioning assets. Utilizing everything in our arsenal, our goal is turn around troubled assets.


. Receivership services
. Asset management
. Property management
. Single Asset Valuations
. Portfolio Valuations
. Market Analyses
. Market Feasibility Studies
. Highest and Best-Use Studies
. Appraisal Reviews
. Lease and Cost Analyses
. Insurance Valuation
. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
. Ad Valorem Property Tax Appraisals
. Strategic planning
. Sale analysis
. Construction advisory
. Redevelopment analysis

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